Volunteer to Serve

Many volunteers are needed to help our church and community flourish! Every single person makes a difference! We need your talents! Whether you are stacking chairs, preparing coffee, greeting new guests, or helping out with the kids... it's all important! 

We know that you are busy and you have many things competing for your time. We also know that when you serve, you make new friendships and grow closer in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

We have a serving opportunity that meets your personality and availability.



Serve Teams


Facilities Team

Landscaping Team

Carpentry Team

Kitchen Team

Office Team

Communion Team

Presentation Team

Production Team

Stewardship Team

Prayer Team

Greeting Team

Parking Lot Team

Event Planning Team

Community Outreach Team

Info Desk Team

Organization Team

Fitness Team

Education Team

Nursery Team

Children's Ministry Team

Youth Ministry Team

Security Team

Emergency Response Team

Safety Team

Music Team

Drama Team

Sight and Sound Team

Slides Team

Social Media Team

Stage Design Team

Church Design Team

Graphic Design Team

Photography Team


If you are interested in serving in any of these teams or need help discovering which team would be a good fit for you, contact...

Pastor Lee Vandiver by calling 636-329-4884 or emailing stccc@outlook.com

or contact...

Jennifer Ziegler by calling 636-266-9611 or emailing jennandjon15@gmail.com


If you are interested in serving in the Children's Ministry Team or the Youth Ministry Team, contact Tracey Bailey. She is the leader of the Education Ministry. She is looking for people who can join these awesome teams that build into children's lives and teaches them about how amazing God is. We would love to make our Children's Ministry the BEST that it could be! If you are ready to get engaged in this ministry and discover how you can make a difference in a child's life, contact Tracey by calling 636-329-4884 or emailing Childrens.stccc@gmail.com

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