• Sermon Series

    We will begin a new sermon series using two "J" books of the Old Testament; the Book of Joshua and Judges. The sermon series title is "New Beginnings."  Like the Israelites, many of us need a new beginning from time to time. Perhaps we can learn from their accomplishments and from their failures. Many times the Israelites forgot about God and suffered the consequences. But then we also see how God is faithful to our genuine repentance.

    This is a wonderful focus found in God's Word that you will not want to miss. However, if you happen to miss a week, you can request a CD of that sermon at any time. Or go online to hear the sermon you missed or would like to hear again. 

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Tracy Bailey

Our Sunday School is a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to join in a Bible class for their age group. We offer two adult classes that offer in-depth Bible lessons and stimulating discussion. Our teen and children classes have dedicated teachers and interesting material. Come join us at 9:30am Sunday mornings. We open our time together recognizing birthdays and anniversaries for the week. God is good!!!